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Drafting Wills.

In order to assist you in relation to what you are likely to put into your Will, we would suggest that you consider the following :-

  1. Who are the suitable Executors and Trustees of your Will. Should this in fact be an independent solicitor or family members or both. 
  2. You should consider whether you have any particular wishes in relation to cremation or burial or what those wishes are likely to entail.
  3. You then need to consider whether you are going to leave any gifts to Charity.
  4. You then need to consider whether you are going to leave specific gifts to any individual. This can be monetary in value such as a gift of money or individual items such as your father’s War medals or a particular painting.
  5. You then need to consider what is going to happen to the rest of your estate and how that is to be divided. The common scenario is that you leave everything to your spouse and then to your children. In the event of one child dying before you it is often the case that the child’s share is then divided between that child’s children.
  6. We will advise you as to the various powers that you need to put in the Will to enable your Executors and Trustees to deal with the estate properly.

What is certain is that it is always better to have a Will than not. On occasions it may be that you do not want to leave money to a person who may feel entitled. In these circumstances it is necessary for you to leave behind a statement indicating why you made this decision.  

If there are any issues over your mental capacity it is necessary to get the Will signed by a Doctor who should undertake a medical report.

We should all have a Will in order to avoid disputes after our death. It is important that this is a considered document. We will assist you with the drafting, carefully considering your position.

Your Will will be drafted by a solicitor. A basic non trust Will leaving assets to a spouse and then children can be charged for as little as £250 plus VAT and £150 for a mirror Will. Charges vary depending on the Wills complexity.

Whilst making a Will you should consider making a Lasting Power of Attorney to allow a person to act on your behalf if you lose mental capacity.